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The Bluejackets' Manual

Ca. 1944

Soldier ID - Arthur G. ST CYR

573 - 52 - 18


Sampson, NY.


The Bluejacket's Manual, first published in 1902, is a comprehensive guidebook for the United States Navy personnel. It has served as a vital resource for sailors throughout the years, providing essential information on naval procedures, traditions, and regulations. The Bluejacket's Manual from 1944 holds a particular significance as it was produced during the height of World War II, a time when the U.S. Navy played a crucial role in the global conflict.


The 1944 edition of the Bluejacket's Manual reflects the realities and demands of wartime naval service. It covers a wide range of topics, including shipboard organization, duties and responsibilities of sailors, naval customs and courtesies, navigation, gunnery, signaling, seamanship, and more. The manual served as a comprehensive guide for both seasoned sailors and newly enlisted personnel, offering them valuable knowledge and practical guidance to fulfill their duties effectively.


In addition to its instructional content, the Bluejacket's Manual also instilled a sense of pride and camaraderie among sailors. It emphasized the importance of discipline, teamwork, and dedication to the service. The manual contained inspiring stories of valor and heroism, showcasing the sacrifices made by Navy personnel during the war. It also provided guidance on personal conduct, grooming, and uniform regulations, reinforcing the Navy's high standards and professionalism.


The 1944 edition of the Bluejacket's Manual holds historical significance as a window into the Navy's operations during World War II. It captures the spirit of the times, reflecting the challenges faced by sailors and the critical role they played in defending their country. Even beyond its immediate relevance, the Bluejacket's Manual has remained a cherished publication within the U.S. Navy, undergoing subsequent revisions to adapt to the evolving needs of sailors in subsequent decades. It stands as a testament to the enduring value of knowledge, tradition, and service that has characterized the Navy throughout its rich history.

The Bluejackets' Manual

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