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STS-33 was the ninth Space Shuttle mission for the Atlantis orbiter and the 32nd mission for the Space Shuttle program. The mission was launched from Kennedy Space Center on November 22, 1989, and lasted for five days. The crew consisted of five astronauts, including Commander Frederick D. Gregory, Pilot John E. Blaha, and mission specialists F. Story Musgrave, Kathryn C. Thornton, and Manley L. Carter Jr.


The primary objective of STS-33 was to deploy the Department of Defense's (DoD) SYNCOM IV-4 communications satellite into orbit. The satellite was designed to provide secure, high-capacity communication services for the US military and was placed into a geosynchronous orbit. The DoD had been a frequent customer of the Space Shuttle program, with several of its satellites being deployed by previous missions.


In addition to the deployment of the SYNCOM IV-4 satellite, the crew of STS-33 conducted a number of scientific experiments and tests. These included studies on the effects of microgravity on living organisms, the behavior of fluids in space, and the performance of various materials and technologies in the space environment. The crew also tested a new computer system designed to assist in the navigation and control of the Space Shuttle.


Overall, STS-33 was a successful mission, with the deployment of the SYNCOM IV-4 satellite and the completion of a wide range of scientific experiments and tests. The mission demonstrated the continuing importance of the Space Shuttle program to the US military and the broader scientific community.

STS-33 - Kennedy Space Center Pass

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