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Stone Celt

Measures roughly 4" Long 3" Wide


Native American stone celts are a type of tool that was commonly used by various indigenous tribes in North America for many centuries. They were made from various types of stone such as granite, basalt, and diorite and were typically used for chopping wood, breaking bones, and other tasks that required a sharp and heavy implement.


The celts were shaped into a specific form, with a sharp cutting edge on one end and a blunt surface on the other for gripping. They were often hafted onto wooden handles, which made them easier to use and increased their effectiveness. The process of making a celt involved using another hard stone, such as quartz or chert, to chip away at the larger stone until the desired shape was achieved.


These stone celts were not just utilitarian tools; they also held great cultural significance for many Native American tribes. They were often used as a form of currency in trade and were also given as gifts in ceremonies and rituals. Some tribes even believed that the spirits of their ancestors resided in these objects, and they were treated with great reverence and respect.


Today, Native American stone celts are considered valuable artifacts and are sought after by collectors and museums around the world. They serve as a reminder of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the indigenous peoples who inhabited North America long before the arrival of European settlers.



Stone Celt

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