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Shipwreck China

Ca. 1840's - 1860's

Ship: Unidentified

Discovered: Atlantic Coast, Florida

This china dish and table were used in the officers' and crews' mess. These artifacts were discovered on an unidentified ship that wrecked off of the Floridian Atlantic Coast in the mid-1880's. 


The oceans are vast, unpredictable and can be treacherous to even the most seasoned sailors. Throughout history, ships have been lost at sea, and many of these lost ships, known as shipwrecks, have captured the imagination of people around the world. The mysteries surrounding shipwrecks continue to fascinate us today. The idea of an entire vessel and its crew disappearing beneath the waves is both haunting and intriguing, and the stories behind these lost ships can reveal a lot about the time and culture in which they sailed.


One of the primary reasons why shipwrecks are so intriguing is that they often hold a treasure trove of historical information. The objects found in shipwrecks, such as pottery, coins, and even human remains, can provide valuable insights into the lives of people who lived long ago. Moreover, these artifacts can tell us about the trade routes, technology, and even the politics of the time in which the ship was sailing.


Another reason why shipwrecks are so fascinating is the element of mystery they bring. The sea is vast, and there are still many lost ships out there waiting to be discovered. Many shipwrecks have been lost for centuries, and the mystery of what caused them to sink and what happened to the crew can still capture our imagination today. Additionally, shipwrecks often hold a certain degree of danger and unpredictability, as they are often located in remote or inhospitable locations, making their exploration both exciting and challenging.


In conclusion, the mystery of shipwrecks has fascinated people for centuries. They are a source of historical information and can offer us a glimpse into the past. The element of mystery and the danger associated with exploring these lost vessels add to their allure, making them an endlessly intriguing subject for people around the world.

Shipwreck China

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