Rare "HITLER AT MY SIDE" promotional paper autographed by Lieutenant General(Retired) Hans Baur

This is a signed promotional paper for Hans Baur Book. 



Lieutenant General Hans Baur, Adolf Hitler's chief personal pilot, tells his story in a gripping first-person account of his experiences and observations during the eleven years he spent with Adolf Hitler when he was Fuhrer of the German Third Reich. Written in a non-political style that commands the reader's attention from cover to cover, it is a must-read for those who seek to know what went on in Hitler's Headquarters and inner circle; for Hans Baur was there. This is a first-person account with many interesting details by one of the very few members of the "inner circle" to survive the final days in Hitler's Berlin Bunker.


* Hans Baur *

Hans Baur was Adolf Hitler's pilot during Hitler's political campaigns of the early 1930s. He later became Hitler's pilot and leader of the Reichsregierung squadron. Apprehended by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II in Europe, he was imprisoned in the USSR for ten years before being extradited to France on 10 October 1955, where he was imprisoned until 1957. He died in Herrsching, Bavaria, in 1993.


* Hitler's Pilot *

Hitler was the first politician to campaign for air travel, deciding that travel by plane was more efficient than travel by railway. Baur first served as his pilot during the 1932 General Election.

Hitler obtained his first private airplane, a Junkers Ju 52/3m with registration number D-2600 (Werk Nr. 4021), in 1933, after becoming German Chancellor. The same registration number continued to be used for all aircraft used by Hitler, even during the war years. The Ju 52 was named Immelmann II after the First World War pilot Max Immelmann. Baur was personally selected by Hitler to be his official pilot in 1933 and was consequently released from service by Luft Hansa.


Baur was appointed head of Hitler's squadron, initially based at Oberwiesenfeld, Munich. As the Luftwaffe was not yet officially established, Hitler wanted Baur to be able to command sufficient power and respect to assure his security, therefore, Baur was commissioned a Standartenführer (colonel) in the Schutzstaffel (SS No. 171,865) by Heinrich Himmler in October 1933.


* Personal Life *

Hans Baur married Elfriede Baur in 1923. Their only daughter, Ingeborg, was born the following year. After Elfriede Baur's death from cancer in 1935, Baur married again, with Hitler as his best man. His second wife, Maria, by whom he had two daughters, died while he was in captivity in the Soviet Union. His third wife, Crescentia, survived him.

Hans Baur Autograph

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