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Raptor Vertebrae

Age: 68 - 66 Million Years Old

Late Cretaceous

Species: Dromaeosaur

Specimen: Vertebrae

Discovered: South Dakota, Hell Creek Formation

Measures: 1.5' Long

Stand / Info Card Included


-  Dromaeosaur

Dromaeosaurus is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur which lived during the Late Cretaceous period (middle late Campanian and Maastrichtian), sometime between 80 and 69 million years ago, in Alberta, Canada and the western United States. The type species is Dromaeosaurus albertensis, which was described by William Diller Matthew and Barnum Brown in 1922. Its fossils were unearthed in the Dinosaur Park Formation. Teeth attributed to this genus have been found in the Prince Creek Formation. Dromaeosaurus is the type genus of both Dromaeosauridae and Dromaeosaurinae, which include many genera with similar characteristics to Dromaeosaurus such as possibly its closest relative Dakotaraptor. Dromaeosaurus was heavily built, more so than other dromaeosaurs that are similar in size, like Velociraptor.

Raptor Vertebrae

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