Preserved Slice of the K-T (K-Pg) Dinosaur Extinction Layer

Professionally stabilized for scientific and academic study


Age - 65.95 Million Years Old (+/- 40,000 Years)

Termination of the Cretaceous Era


Discovered - Lance Creek, Wyoming

Braeger Ranch, Lance Creek Formation


Notes: This is a solidified slice of the K-T boundary layer. 9K-Pg Cretaceous - Paleogene Extinction Event.) 


This layer contains high levels of micrometeorites and the element iridium (Rare on Earth, but abundant in asteroids.) This boundary layer of ash, micrometeorites, and iridium is found worldwide and marks the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. This sample was collected on the Braeger Ranch in Wyoming where universities have studied the extinction of the dinosaurs! 



Preserved Slice of the K-T (K-Pg) Dinosaur Extinction Layer

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