Original Framed Photograph of Joseph Olivier Victor Senez Archambault

A veteran of Napoleon 1's Army

Civil War Union Army Soldier

1796 - 1874


Fought in Napoleon's Army, Battle of Waterloo, & several other engagements during the American Civil War. 


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Original frame from the historical society of PA. 

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** Joseph O.V.S. Archambault - Historical Summary **

Civil War Union Army Soldier. He was a veteran of Napoleon I's army and fought at the 1815 Battle of Waterloo. He came to the United States soon afterward and ran a carpet and dry goods business at the northeast corner of Eleventh and Market Streets. He was active in the Pennsylvania Militia, and in 1858 organized the Garde Lafayette, a militia unit composed entirely of men native to France.


When the Civil War started he offered his services to the Union and recruited a company of cavalry that was eventually mustered in as Company A, 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry. Joseph Archambault was commissioned its Captain and commander on September 10, 1861. He was promoted to Major of the regiment on May 19, 1862, and served until he resigned on May 1863.



** Historical Information From The Book "This Biography, a loving tribute to a brave and good man, sans peur et sans reproche" - By: by Thomas J.H. Archambault **


Joseph Oliver Victor Senez* Archambault, founder of the family in the United States, was born at Fontainebleau, France, August 22nd, 1796. His life was one of widely varied experience. Early, through family influence, he became one of the household of Napoleon Bonaparte and was brought up at the Court of France, first as a page to Josephine, later a page to the Emperor. When old enough he was sent to the French Military Acadamy of St. Cyr: while there, during a vacation, he visited the Queen of Spain, his cousin, wife of King Ferdinand VII.


At the battle of Waterloo Archambault, as aide-de-camp to the Emperor, carried orders from him to his generals on the field of battle and had three horses shot under him: he was wounded and left on the field, but succeeded in escaping, and rejoined the Emperor.


After the battle he was one, among twele persons, chosen by His Majesty to accompany him to the Island of Sainte Helena on the British frigate Nothumberland, which was conveyed by ten other war ships. When Archamabult went on board the Northumberland he was asked to surrender his sword, but he broke it and threw the pieces into the sea.


 Archambault remained with the Emperor until the latter part of December 1817, during which time he acted as Master of Horse and always rode with the Emperor on his tours about the Island. On one of the rides they came to a place where Archambault said "That is quicksand, your Majesty. The Emperor said "You're afraid" . Archambault spurred his horse and leaped across, his horses hind feet sank in the quicksand, then the Emperor, who was much older and heavier, was wisely willing to make a detour.


The British Government, deciding that Napoleon had too large a company and might be able to overthrow their  small garrison, took away Archambault, two other Officers, and some servants.


They were sent to the Island of Madagascar, situated in the Indian Ocean three hundred miles from the east coast of Africa and were confined in an English Fort for about a month and a half.


*In the will of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte one of the clauses reads, "I bequeath to Joseph Oliver Victor Senez Archamabault the sum of 50,000 francs."


 Almost immediately after going to Newtown Archambault's military instincts led him to join the Union Troop of Calvary, usually called the Buck's County Troop, one of the best drilled military oranizations in the State at that time. He was elected Lieutenant, and shortly after, Captain, a position he held for many years. In 1841 he closed out his various affairs in Newtown and elsewhere in Buck County and moved to Philadelphia, but did not resign the command of the Bucks County Troop until some years afterward. On July 7th 1844, he served with the Troop during the Know Nothing riots in Philadelphia, and on May 19th, 1846, he offered the Troop to the President of the United States for the Mexican War. 


 In 1858 Joseph Archambault's continued interest in military affairs led him to form a company of Infantry called the "Guarde Lafayette," which was composed entirely of Frenchmen. At the outbreak of the Civil War President Lincoln issued a call for seventy-five thousand volunteers, for three months' service, to defend the Capitol at Washington. 


 While still recruiting his command, Archambault merged his Company with the above Regiment as Company A, and was made Senior Captain of the 2nd Pennsylvania Calvary. The soldiers enlisted for three years of for the war. On April 1st, 1862, the Regiment, fully equipped but not mounted, started for Washington D.C. They reach Washington on the 25th and encamped on Capitol Hill, near the Congressional Cemetery, here the Regiment was mounted on May 19th, 1862



Major Joseph Oliver Victor Senez Archambault, born at Fontainebleau, France, August 22nd, 1796, died July 3rd, 1874, at his residence No. 604 North 21st Street. He was buried in South Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time of his death he was believed to be the last survivor of those who followed the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to Sainte Helena. -


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Photograph Of Joseph O.V.S. Archambault / Napoleon Army / Civil War Veteran

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