Original WW2 G.I. Schlitz Beer Ration

Ca. 1942/43


Pattons's Desert Trainging Center

Near Quartzite, Arizona


Schlitz supplied the U.S. Army with beer for the soldiers trainging at Patton's Desert Training Center where the Army learned how to operate with tanks and aircraft in vast theatres of operation. These bottles were recovered from one of the training center's dumps before being destroyed by development. 


** Patton's Desert Trainging Center **

The Desert Training Center (DTC), also known as California–Arizona Maneuver Area (CAMA), was a World War II training facility established in the Mojave Desert and Sonoran Desert, largely in Southern. 


Its mission was to train United States Army and Army Air Forces units and personnel to live and fight in the desert, to test and develop suitable equipment, and to develop tactical doctrines, techniques and training methods.


It was a key training facility for units engaged in combat during the 1942–1943 North African campaign. It stretched from the outskirts of Pomona, California eastward to within 50 miles of Phoenix, Arizona, southward to the suburbs of Yuma, Arizona and northward into the southern tip of Nevada.


** The Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company  **

The Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company was an American brewery based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and once the largest producer of beer in th