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Original Nazi Concentration Camp Prisoner Boots

Ca. 1933 - 1945

Material: Wooden soles & leather / canvas top

"D" engraved inside of one of the wood soles


(We have attached three additional images of other concentration prisoner boots as examples)


Stops up in the 1940's were as yet an ordinarily involved kind of footwear for rustic populaces. They were modest and could be made by an incompetent individual, and they endured a generally lengthy timespan. Since they were likewise very awkward, they enjoyed the benefit of making it unimaginable for the detainees to take off.


Early detainees at Buchenwald got more intricate stops up, with a wooden sole, a cowhide and material top, and a few metal hobs and fortifications in the sole and heel. Later these shoes were frequently held for the Kapos (the detainee watches). Later the obstructs became cruder, with a wooden sole and a cowhide front or made of wood alone.


Further on yet, not all detainees got stops up. Stops up and stripey regalia had become scant, regardless of how roughly they were made. Just prisoners that were chosen for work got them. Other Jew detainees were stripped and gassed right away. Wanderer detainees were considered generally not good for work: the were normally tossed in a different segment of the ale and locked there to keep or bite the dust from openness or sickness.