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Original Anti-American Japanese Imperial Propaganda Art

Ca. 1942 - 1945

- This Anti-American Japanese Propaganda Art has been fully translated.

Base Land

Naval Press Officer: Kobayashi Rong

From the beginning of the greater East Asian War, he was dispatched to the Navy Air Corps as a member of the Navy's press team and served at the southern base. Afternoon squall at the base in the intense heat after bombing. The map is "Draw the background to commemorate the hero of the sea."


This is a piece of anti-American Japanese Imperial Propaganda Art created during the period of 1942 to 1945. Kobayashi Rong who served as a naval press officer and was dispatched to the Navy Air Corps as part of the press team. The artwork depicts a scene of an afternoon squall at a southern base after bombing and is meant to commemorate the heroes of the sea. The piece has been fully translated.


- Right Night Sky War

Once an enemy plane appears, the ground fire will immediately attack it ferociously, the flash of the explosion of the anti-aircraft artillery shells, the training lights of the anti-aircraft guns, or the red or glowing lights, just like fireworks, creating a truly spectacular spectacle. The enemy planes were illuminated by the intense light of the searchlights and received tremendous fire, which made it impossible to stay. The painting next to it is, "Drawing based on sketches at the site." 


Original Anti-American Japanese Imperial Propaganda Art

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