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Nasa Space Shuttle Flown Orbiter Retainer Clip

MFG By: North American Aviation

Part #: V7-317747-21

Flown: In space onboard shuttle for multiple missions

EX: Charles Bell Collection - Original Auction Tag From Estate Sale


NASA Flown Space Shuttle Orbiter Retainer Clip Manufacturer: North American Aviation Part No V7-317747-21 Piece is 7" x 2" All items from this Auction came from the estate of Charles Bell in 2000.


The space shuttle orbiter retainer clips, also known as the "SLWT Retainer Clip" or "SRB Retainer Clip," were an essential part of the space shuttle launch system. The space shuttle orbiter was attached to the external fuel tank and the two solid rocket boosters (SRBs) during launch. The retainer clips were used to secure the SRBs to the external fuel tank.


During the launch sequence, the SRBs would ignite and produce a massive amount of thrust, which would lift the space shuttle off the launch pad and propel it into orbit. The retainer clips were designed to withstand the tremendous forces generated by the SRBs during launch and ensure that the SRBs remained securely attached to the external fuel tank.


The retainer clips were made of a special high-strength alloy and were designed to fit snugly over the joints where the SRBs were attached to the external fuel tank. The clips had to be precisely aligned and fitted to ensure that they would not break or come loose during launch.


Overall, the retainer clips played a critical role in the space shuttle launch system, ensuring the safety and success of every launch. Their successful use allowed for the accomplishment of many historic achievements, including the deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope and the construction of the International Space Station.

Nasa Space Shuttle Flown Orbiter Retainer Clip

SKU: CP - Orbiter Flown Retainer Clip

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