Mosasaurus Tooth With Root

Measures - Right at six inches from longest points on the tooth

  • Mosasaurs were ancient reptiles (related to snakes and lizards). They lived in waterways, had a shark-like fin, and grew up to 50 feet long.
  • Late Cretaceous: 70-66 million years ago
  • These fossils were discovered in Morocco, Africa
  • These fossils have been museum prepped (tooth and root have been reattached)
  • Multiple Available! Each tooth will have variances in size, shape, etc.
  • Our choice tooth only!


** The Mosasaurus **

Mosasaurus is the type genus (defining example) of the mosasaurs, an extinct group of aquatic squamate reptiles. It lived from about 82 to 66 million years ago during the Campanian and Maastrichtian stages of the Late Cretaceous. The earliest fossils of Mosasaurus known to science were found as skulls in a chalk quarry near the Dutch city of Maastricht in the late 18th century, which were initially thought to have been the bones of crocodiles or whales. One particular skull discovered around 1780, and which was seized by France during the French Revolutionary Wars for its scientific value, was famously nicknamed the "great animal of Maastricht". In 1808, naturalist Georges Cuvier concluded it belonged to a giant marine lizard with similarities to monitor lizards but otherwise unlike any known living animal. This concept was revolutionary at the time and helped support the then-developing ideas of extinction. However, Cuvier did not designate a scientific name for the new animal; this was done by William Daniel Conybeare in 1822 when he named it Mosasaurus about its origin in fossil deposits near the Meuse River. The exact affinities of Mosasaurus as a squamate remain controversial, and scientists continue to debate whether its closest living relatives are monitor lizards or snakes.

Mosasaurus Tooth With Root

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