Moldavite Educational Video

So........ Can you tell the difference between.........

REAL & FAKE Moldivite?????? .....

- Before you watch this video.... Look at the picture and see if you can tell...... Then watch the video to learn a GREAT Trick on how to spot the fakes!!.....

- Our Real Passion at The Smoky Mountain Relic Room

Is Education!!..... Any Excuse to teach you guys something.... We are On It!!..... W/ the popularity of Moldivite going nuts and the supply very slim to none .. you can BET that their is going to be a lot of fakes on the market!!!..... So Educate yourself!!!

- Big Thanks to our buddy Blane Reed a professional meteorite guy, blane is one of the top guys in the country & we were thankful for his time to share this with us!

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History Rocks!!!


Moldavite Educational Video

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