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Metaphysical Grid

Wood Grid

Measures - Almost 6 inches from longest points! 


A crystal grid is an intentional arrangement of minerals, selected to represent a particular goal, and then spiritually activated to support that work. Just as a mixture of herbs and spices can create a taste greater than its ingredients, a grid is thought to weave together the energy field that surrounds individual stones, blending their energies and producing a mineral aura equivalent to a much larger piece.


Grids may be free form or based on a pattern, like a spiritual symbol or geometric figure. A grid template is a guide used to position the stones. The Metaphysical Department’s very own Stacie Coller pioneered a Seed of Life grid template now popular across the metaphysical community. “The Seed of Life” and the “Flower of Life” are contemporary names for ancient geometric figures, consisting of interlocking circles. The Seed of Life is constructed from seven circles, six symmetrically spaced around a seventh. The Flower of Life is an expansion of this pattern equally in six directions, although the exact number of circles varies.


A number of grid templates can be produced by connecting different hexagrams and hexagons hidden within the Seed of Life. Stones are placed where the lines intersect or at spots flanking them. Both the Seed of Life and hexagram share symbolism cross-culturally, representing a union of opposites like feminine/masculine, moon/sun, and earth/heaven. Both shapes also suggest the “merkaba” or star tetrahedron, a three dimensional Star of David, seen as an evolution of the spiritual body in today’s metaphysical community.

Metaphysical Grid

SKU: RRMSGR - $10 Grid - Flower Burst Small
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