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Meat Handbook of the United States Navy

Ca. 1945

Navy Department


The Meat Handbook of the United States Navy circa 1945 was a comprehensive guide that provided detailed information and instructions on the handling, preparation, and cooking of meat onboard Navy vessels during World War II. This invaluable resource was designed to ensure that sailors and cooks had access to the necessary knowledge and techniques to effectively utilize meat rations, maximize flavor, and maintain proper nutrition.


The handbook began with an overview of meat procurement and storage procedures, emphasizing the importance of obtaining high-quality cuts and maintaining proper refrigeration to prevent spoilage. It detailed the various types of meat commonly found on naval ships, including beef, pork, poultry, and fish, and provided guidance on their selection and inspection. The manual also addressed the challenges of preserving meat in different climates and offered strategies to minimize waste and extend its shelf life.


Furthermore, the handbook delved into the art of meat preparation and cooking methods. It covered topics such as butchering, portioning, and marinating, ensuring that cooks were equipped with the skills needed to make the most of limited resources.

Meat Handbook of the United States Navy

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