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Libby Prison was a Confederate prison during the American Civil War located in Richmond, Virginia. The prison was originally a seven-story brick warehouse built in 1845 that was purchased by Captain Luther Libby and used to store tobacco. When the Civil War broke out, the Confederate government took over the building and converted it into a prison for Union soldiers.


Libby Prison quickly became infamous for its harsh conditions and overcrowding. The building was designed to hold a maximum of 1,000 people, but at times it held more than 2,000 prisoners. The lack of food and medical care, combined with the unsanitary conditions, led to rampant disease and death. The prisoners were often subjected to brutal treatment by the guards, and escape attempts were met with harsh punishment.


Despite the harsh conditions, some prisoners were able to find ways to cope. They formed secret societies and created their own newspapers and libraries. One of the most famous prisoners at Libby was Colonel Thomas Rose, who led a daring escape attempt in February 1864. Rose and his men dug a tunnel under the prison and escaped, but most of them were recaptured and returned to Libby.


After the war, the building was used as a warehouse and later a museum. Today, only a small portion of the original prison remains, and it is part of the American Civil War Museum in Richmond. The prison has become a symbol of the brutal conditions endured by prisoners of war during the Civil War and a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for their beliefs.

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