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King Cobra Vertebrae Bracelet

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The skeletal structure of the king cobra, also known as Ophiophagus hannah, is designed to support the unique abilities of this large and powerful venomous snake. As the largest venomous snake in the world, the king cobra can grow up to 18 feet long and weigh over 20 pounds. The snake's skeletal structure is essential in supporting its muscular system and powerful movements, allowing it to hunt and defend itself effectively.


One of the key features of the king cobra's skeletal structure is its elongated and flexible ribcage. Unlike most snakes, the king cobra's ribcage is not tightly fused together, allowing for greater flexibility and range of motion. This enables the snake to lift and expand its body while attacking or defending itself, making it one of the most formidable predators in the animal kingdom.


The king cobra's skull is also uniquely designed to support its venomous bite. The snake's upper jaw is hinged, allowing it to open its mouth to almost 180 degrees, making it capable of swallowing prey that is much larger than its head. The king cobra's fangs are also longer and more curved than those of other venomous snakes, making them highly effective at injecting venom into prey or enemies.


Overall, the skeletal structure of the king cobra is a remarkable adaptation that allows this powerful snake to thrive in its environment. Its flexibility, strength, and venomous bite make it one of the most impressive and dangerous predators in the animal kingdom.

King Cobra Vertebrae Bracelet

SKU: King Cobra Bracelet (Black)
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