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"Kennedys Arrive" 1960 United Press International Photo



On October 19, 1960, John F. Kennedy, the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, participated in the third presidential debate with his opponent, Richard Nixon. This debate, which was broadcast nationwide on television, was the first to feature a live audience and a format that allowed the candidates to question each other directly.


JFK was widely regarded as the winner of the debate, due in part to his confident and charismatic performance. He spoke forcefully about his plans to improve the economy, expand civil rights, and ensure national security. He also criticized the Eisenhower administration, which Nixon had been a part of, for not doing enough to address these issues.


One of the most memorable moments of the debate came when Kennedy questioned Nixon's experience and ability to handle a crisis. He asked, "Can you tell me, Senator, what experience you have had in dealing with a problem like the Berlin crisis?" Nixon stumbled in his response, and this exchange reinforced the perception that JFK was more capable and prepared to be president.


Overall, JFK's performance in the debate on October 19 helped to solidify his lead in the polls and his eventual victory in the election. His poise and eloquence, combined with his ability to connect with voters on the issues that mattered most to them, made him a beloved and influential figure in American history.

"Kennedys Arrive" 1960 United Press International Photo

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