Ichthyosaurus Vertebrae

Age - 160 / 150 Million Years Old

Jurassic Period

Species - Ichthyosaurus

Discovered - Dorset, England


** The Ichthyosaurus **

Ichthyosaurus is a genus of ichthyosaurs from the late Triassic and early Jurassic of Europe and Asia. It is among the best known ichthyosaur genera, as it is the type genus of the order Ichthyosauria.


Ichthyosaurus ear bones were solid, probably transferring water vibrations to the inner ear. Even so, anatomical features demonstrate that it was a visually-oriented predator; it had huge, sensitive eyes, protected by bony shields. Coprolites of Ichthyosaurus reveal that its diet consisted of fish and squid.


It was initially believed that Ichthyosaurus laid eggs on land, but fossil evidence shows that in fact the females gave birth to live young. As such, they were well-adapted to life as fully pelagic organisms (i.e. they never came onto land). The babies were born tail first to prevent them from drowning in the water

Ichthyosaurus Vertebrae

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