Hypacrosaur Vertebrae

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Age: 80 - 74 Million Years Old

Late Cretaceous

Species: Hypacrosaurus

Bone: Vertebrae with Process

Discovered: Two Medicine Formation - Northwest Montana 


** The Hypacrosaurus **

Hypacrosaurus (meaning "near the highest lizard") because it was almost but not quite as large as Tyrannosaurus) was a genus of duckbill dinosaur similar in appearance to Corythosaurus. Like Corythosaurus, it had a tall, hollow rounded crest, although not as large and straight. It is known from the remains of two species that spanned 75 to 67 million years ago, in the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and Montana, United States, and is the latest hollow-crested duckbill known from good remains in North America. It was an obscure ge