Fossil Shark Tooth in Matrix

"Shark Tooth Hill" CA

Age: 16 - 15 Million Years Old

(Miocene Epoch)

Discovered: Shark Tooth Hill, Temblar Formation, California 


~ The Miocene Epoch ~

The Miocene is the principal topographical age of the Neogene Period and stretches out from around 23.03 to 5.333 quite a while back (Ma). The Miocene was named by Scottish geologist Charles Lyell; its name comes from the Greek words μείων and signifies "less later" in light of the fact that it has 18% less current ocean spineless creatures than the Pliocene. The Miocene is gone before by the Oligocene and is trailed by the Pliocene.


Life during the Miocene Epoch was for the most part upheld by the two recently framed biomes, kelp woods and prairies. Prairies take into account more nibblers, like ponies, rhinoceroses, and hippos. 95% of present day plants existed toward this age's end.


There is proof from oxygen isotopes at Deep Sea Drilling Program destinations that ice started to develop in Antarctica around 36 Ma during the Eocene. Further stamped diminishes in temperature during the Middle Miocene at 15 Ma likely reflect expanded ice development in Antarctica. It can in this manner be accepted that East Antarctica had a few glacial masses during the right on time to mid Miocene (23-15 Ma). Seas cooled incompletely because of the development of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, and around a long time back the ice cap in the southern half of the globe began to develop to its current structure. The Greenland ice cap grew later, in the Middle Pliocene time, around quite a while back.

Fossil Shark Tooth in Matrix

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