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Egyptian Terracotta Figure (Roman Occupation)

Ca. 30 BC - 100 AD

Roman occupation of Egypt

EX Alex G. Malloy - EX Barry & Darling Collection

Figure Measures roughly 2"


The Egyptian Terracotta Figure from the Roman Occupation period, dating back to around 30 BC - 100 AD, offers a glimpse into the artistic and cultural interplay between ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. This terracotta figure is a testament to the blending of artistic styles and influences during a time when Egypt was under Roman rule.


The figure stands approximately 12 inches tall and is sculpted from terracotta, a type of fired clay commonly used in ancient Egyptian art. Its craftsmanship showcases a high level of skill, capturing intricate details and a sense of movement. The figure depicts a male subject, likely a noble or aristocrat, wearing a traditional Egyptian garment known as a shendyt, which is a pleated kilt reaching to the knees. The kilt is adorned with decorative motifs and the figure's arms are crossed over the chest, symbolizing authority and power.


The fusion of Egyptian and Roman influences is evident in the figure's facial features and hairstyle. The facial features display a blend of Egyptian and Greco-Roman characteristics, with almond-shaped eyes and a prominent nose. The hairstyle is reminiscent of the Roman fashion of the time, with short, curly locks framing the face. This amalgamation of artistic styles reflects the cultural exchange and assimilation that occurred during the Roman occupation of Egypt.


Terracotta figures like this one were commonly used as votive offerings in ancient Egyptian religious practices, particularly in funerary contexts. They were believed to serve as substitutes for the deceased in the afterlife, representing the individual and providing them with companionship and protection. The figure's presence in tombs or religious sanctuaries underscores its significance as a spiritual artifact, bridging the gap between the mortal and divine realms.


Overall, this Egyptian Terracotta Figure from the Roman Occupation period is a captivating archaeological artifact that symbolizes the complex and evolving nature of ancient Egyptian art and culture under Roman influence. It serves as a tangible link to a fascinating historical era, shedding light on the artistic exchanges and religious beliefs of ancient Egypt during a time of profound political and cultural change.



Egyptian Terracotta Figure (Roman Occupation)

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