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Egyptian Amulet - "Egyptian Faience"

Late Dynastic Period

Ca. 649 - 334 BC


Egyptian faience is a sintered-quartz ceramic material from Ancient Egypt. The sintering process "covered with a true vitreous coating" as the quartz underwent vitrification, creating a bright lustre of various colours "usually in a transparent blue or green isotropic glass". Its name in the Ancient Egyptian language was tjehenet, and modern archeological terms for it include sintered quartz, glazed frit, and glazed composition. Tjehenet is distinct from the crystalline pigment Egyptian blue, for which it has sometimes incorrectly been used as a synonym.


- All Egyptian artifacts were LEGALLY exported from Egypt prior to the 1970 Unesco Treaty, and subsequent International Trade Laws regarding antiquities.


Egyptian Amulet - "Egyptian Faience"

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