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Early Christian Santos Figure

San Pedro (St. Peter)

Ca. 1800 - 1860

Figure measures roughly 8' Tall

Hand carved Santos figure of San Pedro or St. Peter, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ, and the first leader of the Early Christian Church. 


Early Christian saints, also known as "santos," played a vital role in the formation and spread of Christianity. These individuals were known for their exceptional piety, selflessness, and dedication to their faith, and were often revered by members of their community as holy individuals who had a special connection to God.


Many of the earliest Christian saints were martyrs, who suffered persecution and even death for their beliefs. These individuals were viewed as heroic figures who had given their lives for the sake of their faith, and their stories often inspired others to follow in their footsteps.


As Christianity began to spread throughout the Roman Empire, more and more saints emerged. These individuals were often associated with miracles, and many were believed to have the power to intercede with God on behalf of their followers.


Over time, the cult of saints became an important part of Christian worship, with churches and other holy sites being built in their honor. Today, saints continue to play an important role in many branches of Christianity, with individuals often seeking their intercession in times of need or difficulty.

Early Christian Santos Figure

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