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Crystalized Petrified Wood (Small Chunks)

Glows Under long Wave UV

Age: 230 - 22 Million Years Old

(Triassic Era)

Discovered: Northern Arizona


-Each piece will be unique with crystal growth, size, etc.

-You will recieve a quality piece!

-Our choice only!


This piece of petrified wood has crystal growth that glows under long wave UV light. Crystal growth due to fungal infection of the wood 225 million years ago. 



~ Petrified Wood ~

Frozen wood, otherwise called froze tree, is the name given to an extraordinary sort of fossilized wood, the fossilized remaining parts of earthly vegetation. Petrifaction is the aftereffect of a tree or tree-like plants having been supplanted by stone through a mineralization interaction that frequently incorporates permineralization and substitution. The natural materials making up cell dividers have been recreated with minerals (for the most part silica as opal, chalcedony, or quartz). In certain examples, the first design of the stem tissue might be to some degree held. Dissimilar to other plant fossils, which are normally impressions or compressions, froze wood is a three-layered portrayal of the first natural material.


The petrifaction interaction happens underground, when wood becomes covered in water-soaked residue or volcanic debris. The presence of water lessens the accessibility of oxygen which represses high-impact disintegration by microorganisms and parasites. Mineral-loaded water coursing through the dregs might prompt permineralization, which happens when minerals encourage out of arrangement filling the insides of cells and other void spaces. During substitution, the plant's phone dividers go about as a format for mineralization. There should be a harmony between the rot of cellulose and lignin and mineral templating for cell detail to be saved with constancy. A large portion of the natural matter frequently deteriorates, but a portion of the lignin might remain. Silica as opal-A, can encrust and penetrate wood moderately rapidly in natural aquifer conditions. Notwithstanding, froze wood is generally ordinarily connected with trees that were covered in fine grained dregs of deltas and floodplains or volcanic lahars and debris beds. A timberland where such material has frozen becomes known as a froze backwoods.

Crystalized Petrified Wood ~Small Chunks

SKU: CP - Crystalized Petrified Wood (Small)
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