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Embrace the enchanting spirit of the night with our Limited Edition Halloween Crystal Wolf with Crescent Moon, a miniature masterpiece that's howling with cuteness! Standing at a mere 1" tall, this tiny duo captures the essence of mystery and magic, bringing a touch of whimsy to your world.

Crafted with the captivating allure of crystals, this little scene showcases a charming wolf gazing up at a delicate crescent moon. The play of light on the crystals creates a mesmerizing dance that's reminiscent of moonlit nights and midnight adventures.


Despite their small size, the Crystal Wolf and Crescent Moon duo is brimming with personality. Imagine them adorning your shelf, invoking the allure of the wild and inviting you to explore the hidden depths of your imagination. Or perhaps they become your loyal companions on your desk, encouraging you to unleash your inner creative howl and reach for the stars.


This mini masterpiece isn't just a decoration—it's a portal to a world of fantasy and fun. Their intricate details, from the wolf's perky ears to the moon's delicate curvature, make them a conversation starter and a constant source of smiles.


Limited in quantity but boundless in charm, the 1" Crystal Wolf with Crescent Moon is a must-have for those who yearn for the magic of the nocturnal world. Let this charming duo remind you that adventure awaits under the moon's gentle glow, and let their whimsical presence infuse a touch of the wild into your everyday life. So, whether you're a starry-eyed dreamer or a midnight explorer, let this mini marvel be your constant reminder that magic and mystery are just a howl away!

Crystal Wolf with Crescent Moon

SKU: Crystal Wolf with Crescent Moon

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