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Civil War Out West Uniform & Hat Insignias

Camp Grant & Thomas 

Arizona Territory

Ca. 1960's


During the American Civil War, uniform and hat insignias played an important role in identifying the rank and unit of soldiers in the Union and Confederate armies. Out West, where the war was fought in vast territories with few established military traditions, the use of uniform and hat insignias became even more important.


The Union Army issued standardized uniforms and insignias to its soldiers, with each branch of service and rank designated by a specific color and symbol. For example, infantry soldiers wore blue coats with brass buttons and chevrons on their sleeves to indicate rank. Officers wore a variety of different styles of hats, with insignias such as crossed swords, eagles, or stars.


The Confederate Army, on the other hand, did not have a centralized system for issuing uniforms and insignias. Instead, individual states and regiments were responsible for providing their own uniforms and symbols. This led to a wide variety of uniform styles and insignias, often with regional or local significance.


Out West, soldiers on both sides often had to adapt their uniforms to the harsh desert conditions. Confederate soldiers in Texas and New Mexico, for example, often wore sombreros and ponchos in addition to their standard uniforms. Union soldiers in the Southwest wore blue coats and trousers, but often substituted their leather boots for more practical moccasins or sandals.


Overall, uniform and hat insignias played a crucial role in identifying soldiers on both sides of the Civil War Out West. These symbols helped soldiers recognize their comrades in battle and provided a sense of unity and identity within their units. Today, these insignias remain an important part of the history and legacy of the American Civil War.


Civil War Out West Uniform & Hat Insignias

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