Celtic Pottery Vessel

Ca. 1300 BC - 500 BC 

Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age

Culture: Lusatian Culture


Pottery cooking vessel with holeson rim to be suspended by rope. 


The Lusatian culture existed in the later Bronze Age and early Iron Age in most of what is now Poland and parts of the Czechia, Slovakia, eastern Germany and western Ukraine. It covers the Periods Montelius III to V of the Northern European chronological scheme.


** The Bronze Age **

The Bronze Age is a historic period, approximately 3300 BCE to 1200 BCE, that was characterized by the use of bronze, in some areas proto-writing, and other early features of urban civilization. The Bronze Age is the second principal period of the three-age Stone-Bronze-Iron system, as proposed in 1836 by Christian Jürgensen Thomsen, for classifying and studying ancient societies and history.


** The Iron Age **

The Iron Age is the final epoch of the three-age division of the prehistory and protohistory of humanity. It was preceded by the Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Chalcolithic) and the Bronze Age. The concept has been mostly applied to Europe and the Ancient Near East, but also, by analogy, to other parts of the Old World.


Celtic Pottery Vessel

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