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Carnelian Massager


Carnelian is the precious stone of ripeness, sex drive, strength and inventiveness. A type of chalcedony takes its unmistakable orange to red tone from iron oxide debasements.

Carnelian is clear and offers a rich and lively variety. Beyond the regular orange, dim orange or ruddy earthy colored tone, it can likewise be found in pink assortments. It is once in a while found with white streaks going through it.


~ Metaphysical Properties ~

Carnelian advances individual power, strength and boldness.

Carnelian is phenomenal for sexiness, sexual power and sex drive.

It advances imperativeness, energy and drive.

Carnelian is likewise incredible for richness and keeping a solid conceptive framework.

Carnelian assists with communicating our imaginative self and to assists us with carrying our creation to the world.


Carnelian is incredible for work and business-related attempts as it advances focus and the capacity to logically think.


On a profound level, it keeps feelings of jealousy or outrage from grabbing hold inside us.

Carnelian can be utilized really to purge different gems.


Here are a few thoughts on the best way to work with carnelian in your everyday existence:

Convey a little piece of carnelian in your pocket, which is adequately close to your sacral chakra.

Put a piece of carnelian on your work area or close to the area where you make workmanship.

Reflect with a piece of carnelian simply cry your tummy button (the sacral chakra region).

Wear it as adornments (e.g.: arm band, earrings,...)


Note: It can be really smart to try not to put carnelian close to your bed, as its invigorating properties would keep you from nodding off. Nonetheless, it can likewise be smart to put it close to your bed when it comes time for erotic nature, closeness and love-production.


Carnelian Massager

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