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Baltic Amber

Each piece will be unique in size, shape, color, etc.

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** Metaphysical Properties **

Amber can be carried or worn as a healing amulet. It can also be used as a crystal elixir. Amber is best worn directly on the skin. Direct contact will allow your skin to naturally absorb the oils of the amber resin, which is said to transmute negative energies into positive energies.


Baltic Amber is considered an antibiotic to some people - Baltic amber is considered an outstanding natural antibiotic. In some cultures, people suffering from goiter use to wear unpolished and unfinished natural raw pieces of amber close to their neck as a remedy.


Healing through its color - The amber stone exhibiting honey color adds sweetness and harmony to the wearer’s life. It helps one to more clearly realize their life path and the motto with which they have been sent on the earth. Honey amber imparts the wearer to unleash the matters that block their spirit to step in further and aid in smoothening away the rough patches.


Golden Colored amber can be used in healing the damaged and polluted auric field, which is said to safeguard a person, emotional healing, and karmic release. It is also believed in making the wearer live with peace and self-esteem and acceptance. 


The amber, which is darker in color, guards against cognitive vampires and cognitive attacks.


Red Colored Amber is helpful as a grounding stone and can be used as a talisman or amulet in fertility ceremonies. It is also believed that it encourages and fuels sexual desires. 


Green Colored amber is an instigator or a promoting stone that supports the wearer in getting guidance along the path of their life. It helps to soften and melt the blocks that hamper and coming in between the spiritual growth of a human being. It is also considered grounding and sanitizing.


Heals Chakras - The beautiful Amber gemstone is one of the major stones that is used in healing power or solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. By healing the problems within DNA, and the glandular system, Amber is used to aiding other areas of the body as well. It also releases Karmic-related illness.


Helps in financial matters - Amber connects the wearer with its inner wisdom using the sacral chakra thereby enhancing clear feeling in the body. When combined with some other golden-toned crystal, it then becomes a more powerful stone in manifesting an escalation in your financial matters.

Baltic Amber

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    -Limited Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee-

    The Smoky Mountain Relic Room stands behind the items we sell with a limited lifetime guarantee. We will exchange any item for store credit if the item sold is found by a certified authenticator not to be the authentic artifact, fossil, meteorite, or mineral that we advertised it as being. A letter, specific to the artifact, fossil, meteorite, or mineral in question, from a certified authenticator (in the business under the occupation-specific to the item in question), must be brought in with the item for the return to be acceptable. This guarantee is for the lifetime of the initial purchaser only. See the Relic Room Manager, downstairs inside Smoky Mountain Knife Works, for more information. Original receipt required for exchanges.

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