Bag of Rough White Ammonites

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Toliara Province


** These Specific Fossils **

All of these fossils come from the Morondava River Basin, near the town of Sakaraha (also known as Zakaraha or Sakkara) in the Atsimo-Andrefana region of southwest Madagascar, located in the former Toliara Province. (Province de Tuléar in French).  They date from the Late Jurassic Period, Oxfordian Age (~161 to 156 million years ago).

The ammonites and nautilus from Toliara are typically preserved by white, red, or brown calcite in limestone.


** Ammonites **

Ammonoids are a group of extinct marine mollusc animals in the subclass Ammonoidea of the class Cephalopoda. These molluscs, commonly referred to as ammonites, are more closely related to living coleoids than they are to shelled nautiloids such as the living Nautilus species. The earliest ammonites appear during the Devonian, and the last species vanished in the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.


Bag of Small White Ammonites - 100+

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