Atma Buti Steel Drum with Multi Notes and Tones. This beautiful metal steel drum comes with a black bag and mallets.


Available in other colors!

 Size - 6″(16cm)

Each drum plays a full ochtave’s notes so it can be played like a zylophone!


"This treatment is equivalent to a massage of sound and vibration, and is especially successful with people who do not like to be touched or those who do not have a meditation practice. Healing with the Himalayan bowls appears to work, as does acupuncture, by aligning the chakras or meridians through unblocking congestion. I have used these healing bowls for treatment of a severe migraine with a client who could not relax. The pain subsided completely within a 30 minute session. I feel blessed to have this healing tool to incorporate as a modality in my holistic nursing practice."

— Mitzi Cagle, RN, B.S.N

Atma Buti Steel Happy Drum with Multi Notes

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