Ancient Moroccan Shark Teeth

Species: Otodus Obliquus

Age: 56 - 23 Million Years Old

Eocene Period

Discovered: Khouribga, Morocco, Africa


(Each tooth will be individually unique with variances in size, shape, color, etc. A quality tooth will be chosen at random for each order. Rest assure you will recieve a quality Ancient Moroccan Shark Tooth!)


~ Otodus Obliquus ~

Otodus is an extinct genus of mackerel shark which lived from the Paleocene to the Pliocene epoch. The name Otodus comes from Ancient Greek thus, "ear-shaped tooth". 


This shark is known from its fossilized teeth and vertebral centra.Like other elasmobranchs, the skeleton of Otodus was composed of cartilage and not bone, resulting in relatively few preserved skeletal structures appearing within the fossil record. The teeth of this shark are large with triangular crown, smooth cutting edges, and visible cusps on the roots. Some Otodus teeth also show signs of evolving serrations.

Ancient Moroccan Shark Teeth

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