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Authentic Shipwreck Coin 

Genuine coin from the Shipwreck of Admiral Gardner which sunk in January of 1809.


The Admiral Gardner was a British East India Company ship that met a tragic fate when it sank off the coast of England in 1809. The ship was originally built in 1796 and was primarily used for trade voyages between England and India. However, on its fateful journey, the Admiral Gardner was carrying a valuable cargo of goods, including coins, copper, and china.


The ship encountered severe weather conditions while navigating through the treacherous waters near the Goodwin Sands. Despite the crew's best efforts, the Admiral Gardner succumbed to the powerful waves and sank to the ocean floor. It was a devastating loss, both in terms of the ship and its cargo. The wreck remained hidden beneath the waves for over 160 years.


In 1984, the shipwreck of the Admiral Gardner was accidentally discovered by a team of divers. What made the discovery even more remarkable was the preservation of the cargo. The cold, dark depths of the sea had protected the ship and its contents, keeping them remarkably intact. The cargo included thousands of silver and copper coins, still in their original wooden barrels, as well as an array of delicate china and pottery.


The salvage operation that followed unearthed a wealth of historical artifacts, providing invaluable insights into the maritime trade of the era. The coins, in particular, became highly sought-after by collectors and historians alike. The Admiral Gardner shipwreck showcased the challenges faced by ships during that period, emphasizing the dangers of navigation and the importance of the maritime industry.


Today, remnants from the Admiral Gardner shipwreck are on display in various museums, showcasing the resilience of seafarers and the historical significance of this particular event. The discovery of the ship and its cargo serves as a tangible reminder of the risks involved in maritime exploration and the rich history that lies beneath the ocean's surface. The Admiral Gardner shipwreck continues to captivate and educate people about the world of seafaring in the 19th century and beyond.

1809 Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin

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